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Top Popular Corpse Husband Song

Top Popular Corpse Husband Song.

In a world with various streamers trying to attract fan’s attention, you necessarily have to own something special to yourself apart from others, such as a hot body, attractive appearance, or a handsome face…, but Corpse Husband has caught on without showing his face at all. The hiding-face streamer is not only famous for streaming Among Us with other well-known internet people but he also has gained a huge number of fans thanks to the interesting, catchy song he released. In the blog, we will introduce to you the top Corpse Husband song received the most concern.

Top Popular Corpse Husband Song
Top Popular Corpse Husband Song

With a deep-voiced, faceless YouTuber Corpse Husband has been telling scary stories to people before going to bed since 2015 on his channel, most of which come from Reddit boards. Besides horror stories, he is well-known for his catchy melody. Have you ever listened to his song? Let’s follow us to discover top Corpse’s million-views songs.

#5. Corpse Husband- Never Satisfied.

Top Popular Corpse Husband Song
Top Popular Corpse Husband Song

Corpse Husband’s song “NEVER SATISFIED” was released on June 26th, 2020, and it is one of his lesser-known songs. The song’s lyrics focus on most of his daily life. It is all about how always dissatisfied he is with the work he releases or does and tries to do everything better. This song has gained more than 6 million views, with 240k likes and about 1.3 dislikes.

#4. Corpse Husband – Cabin Fever

Top Popular Corpse Husband Song
Top Popular Corpse Husband Song

Corpse Husband released the song “CABIN FEVER” on March 22,2020. It is another lesser- known song of him with the lyric maily talking about what he would like to do and has overall small mentions of his career and how it has helped him become popular with the fairer sex. After releasing a year, this song now has 7.7 million views with 200k likes and 1.3 dislikes.

#3. Corpse Husband – Cat Girls Are Ruining My Life.

Top Popular Corpse Husband Song
Top Popular Corpse Husband Song

The song “CAT GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE” by Youtuber Corpse was brought to the publicity on March 11, 2020. It is one of his well-known songs on Tiktok with about 11 million views. The song lyric is based on catgirls and overall pop culture. Like many other songs, Corpse has used a Tokyo Ghoul shortcut to produce this song’s video, may he be an anime lover.

#2. Corpse Husband- White Tee

Top Popular Corpse Husband Song
Top Popular Corpse Husband Song

“WHITE TEE” was released by Corpse on June 29,2020. This song has helped him build a huge fan base because they think that the photo used in the video was a photo of the faceless streamer.

The song is about how difficult it is for him to fit in, and girls trouble him only because they want him as he’s famous and not because they like him for him. It seems tobe that White Tee is a quite famous song of him with more than 19 million views.

# 1. Corpse Husband – E-Girls Are Ruining My Life.

E-Girls Are Ruining My Life is the most popular released by Corpse on September 30th, 2020. Released as a single, It also features vocals from American rapper Savage Ga$p. It soon became a phenomenon, and on top TikTok search. The song itself does not connect much with the title, and the track could be interpreted as a sequel to one of Corpse’s previous songs titled “Cat Girls Are Ruining My Life!”. After being released 9 months, this song has gained more than 43 million views with a lot of compliments from listeners.

Top Popular Corpse Husband Song
Top Popular Corpse Husband Song

How about listening to these rap songs? It will be really relaxing after busy days.

Hope you enjoy my blog and wish you a wonderful weekend. Here we give you the Corpse Husband Youtube Channel, not only you can watch his streaming Among Us videos, but also can listen to great songs.

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